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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Making baby food

My next adventure is to start making baby food for my daughter who is almost 10 months old. We have been feeding her Gerber 1st stage foods since she was 6 months old and at 9 months we started the 2nd stage foods. The problem we have run into is that many of the 2nd stage foods have rice flour or oat flour in them as filler. The reason this is a problem is our daughter does not do well with rice or oats. We have not been able to use the baby "cereals" because of this. We are hoping she will grow out of this in the not too distant future, but for now we have to have some kind of food to feed her. I am still nursing, so most of her nutrition comes from that for now but once we wean her after she turns 1 year we have to feed her something. We decided to still use the Gerber 2nd foods for the fruits and veggies and just make our own foods with meat in them or whatever foods we can't buy because they have the rice or oat in them.  Now the adventure begins to find good, healthy recipes to use that will give her the expanded food variety without causing the tummy issues. Hopefully this will not be too difficult and our daughter will be able to try new foods.

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