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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

I will be spending Valentine's Day driving this year. My husband is still out of state for work and won't get home till almost midnight. It is starting to snow at my parents' house and I have to drive back home soon. Thankfully it is only about a 2 1/2 hour drive and I am in my husband's 4Runner so I have 4 wheel drive, unlike my car which is only 2 wheel drive. (While visiting my parents I went and looked at a new vehicle and am hoping I can get it in the very near future - like the next couple weeks. I want the Toyota Hybrid Highlander and they have one in my parents' home town that has all the features I want and is the color I wanted. I have been wanting this vehicle for over 2 years now and with the baby my husband wants me to be driving a safer car in the winter than what I have now. Maybe it will all work out.)
I spent part of the morning working on a scarf I am knitting for my brother, which seems like a perfect project with the snow falling outside. Now to pack the car up, get ready to feed my daughter lunch, then eat lunch with my dad on the way out of town.  I wish my mom could eat with us but elementary teachers have such a short lunch break it would not work. Maybe I will be back here in a week or so to get a new car and then get to see her again at that time. If not, I will see her when we have my parents watch our two little dogs while we go on a short weekend trip in two weeks. (My husband has another out of town work trip but this time we - myself and our daughter - get to go along and spend the weekend with him and then hang out while he works on Monday before heading back home.)

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