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Friday, February 8, 2013

Coupon apps

I have learned about a few coupon apps that I think are wonderful! I used one of the apps last weekend to make a purchase at Bed Bath and Beyond and saved $15.  One app I learned about through Facebook or Pintrest and the other I just learned about this morning on the Today show.

Snip Snap is an app where you can scan in your coupons and organize them so they are always with you. You can get updates on when they are about to expire, or what else might be available. You can share coupons with friends and see what others have found and scanned in. It even gives you an idea of how successful people have been with the coupons. For example, it will say something like "90% success rate" for a coupon. So when you use it, if it works, you tell the app it worked and it goes to help others know how successful the coupon was. Right now this app is unable to do grocery coupons but they are working on this, trying to get this option as well.

Retail Me Not is a similar app, though I just learned about it this morning and have not really been able to play around with it.  It looks like it will be another good one.

Both of these let you save coupons you find and like as well as browse other available coupons. Being a work-from-home mother and wife, I love finds like these to help save money for my family. I am not a "couponer" who clips coupons and goes crazy, and I do not wish to be like those on the tv show "Extreme Couponers". I do however enjoy saving money where I can. These apps seem like they will be a wonderful way to organize coupons and have them with me without having to pack around an extra folder or bag and dig through a bunch of slips of paper. Having been in the military, I learned to "work smarter, not harder" and this seems to be in line with that thought.

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