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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Umbrella Stroller Organizer

In preparation for our trip this July, I decided to purchase an umbrella stroller rather than taking our good stroller. The problem with these strollers is the lack of a place to put a cup of water for my daughter. This will be needed, especially with the hot weather while we are out and about. I had found this organizer as an option, but decided it would be fun to create one myself.

I got material from Hobby Lobby (which is a water resistant type material) with my 40% off coupon on my Hobby Lobby app, and in total it only cost me about $6 or $8 to make my own.
Here is the one I came up with. (Sorry, not the greatest lighting for these pictures)


I am so excited to have this for our trip and even happier I was able to make it for cheaper than purchasing one. It was a fun project and I think it came out nicely. It folds up nicely with the stroller so I won't have to remove it if I choose not to. It also goes on very easily, so even if I do remove it, it only takes about 2 seconds - literally - to put on or take off.

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