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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Open wide zippered pouch

I have a thing for bags, totes, etc. I love totes for my crafts, traveling, and much more. I also like small bags to go inside those totes for organizational purposes. I have recently taken to making wet bags so I can use them for wet towels and swimming suits, keeping towels dry while showering after swimming, and carrying my Posh products around with me. I love the bags I have already made, but they are not as easy to use with my Posh products or with sunscreen, medications, etc for Little Miss. I found a tutorial for a pouch that opens up wider and sits flat easier, and decided to make a couple myself.

The tutorial I used can be found here.

I used laminated material for the inside so it would be a wet bag, which is different from the tutorial.
I made this one for my Posh products or for taking those products I need for Little Miss while traveling.

I also made a second one, which is taller than what is in the tutorial (at about 11" tall and at the opening, 10" wide). I made this one as a small diaper pouch so when I am out and about (at the mall, a restaurant, etc) with my husband and Little Miss, I can leave the full diaper bag out with my husband and only take the essentials with me into the bathroom for a diaper change. I also made a changing pad with the laminated material on one side and regular cotton material on the other. I did not use any padding in between because I wanted it to fold up small. (I fold it in thirds, then in thirds again and it gets down to about 5"x8" and very flat) I have to use A&D or Desitin ointment with every diaper change due to Little Miss having sensitive skin, and the little fold out changing pad carriers don't give me a place to put that. This bag allows me to put a changing pad, diapers, wipes, ointment, and hand sanitizer in it to carry much easier than trying to hold each individually. (This also conceals the ointment as Little Miss finds it fun to take it from me to play with it and fusses when I take it away. This keeps it out of sight.)

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