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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Magnetic dress up dolls "spruced up"

Little Miss C got some new toys for Christmas that I decided to spruce up a bit. She got some magnetic dress up dolls that I wanted to make even more fun.

C loves Doc McStuffins and really likes Sofia from Disney. She ended up getting this Doc doll 

and this Sofia doll for Christmas. 

She also got this Cindarella magnetic play set.

I had to make the backgrounds more fun and last longer, so here is why I did:

I laminated the background photos that came with each set. They were just paper and I wanted them to last.
I used magnetic photo paper from the crafting section of Walmart and put it on the back of each of the small pages from the Cindarella activity set. This way they are also magnetic to hold the pieces on.

Then I used a small strip of the left overs on the backs of the ones from Doc and Sofia. I can 'hang' the rooms on a metal cookie sheet so it stays on the cookie sheet and can lean upright against a chair, couch, wherever. Then there is also more magnetic surface for the pieces to stick to, making it even more fun.

This works wonderfully at home and makes it better for car trips so pieces don't fall everywhere.