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Monday, March 25, 2013

Crazy busy month ahead

Unfortunately, my husband has a busy month (or two) with work and will be traveling a lot. That means I will be home alone with three dogs (one of which is having trouble with a really bad yeast infection in her ear due to allergies) and a teething baby (10 1/2 months old and getting her first two teeth). Add to this a vendor event on April 6th for Posh in another town, a home party for Posh on April 20th in yet another town, starting swimming lessons on April 13th with little miss every Saturday for 5 weeks, and preparing for her first birthday. I am also still working on a few other projects for a couple of my other small jobs I have. I think I am going to have a few craft projects coming along to keep my sanity and keep me occupied while I am missing my husband. Stay tuned for pictures of projects I find to try and keep myself occupied. (My poor husband comes home in the evening and probably wonders 'What did she make today' because I have far too many hobbies and keep finding more or find new projects to try.)
I am very excited for swim lessons with little miss, so the next project I have in mind is yet again something to prepare for that. I have already made a wet bag for our bathing suits, but I will be making a second one (that is water resistant inside as well as outside) to put her towel and robe in and have it with us to shower after swimming so they don't get wet before time to dry off. Since I am allergic to chlorine (and yes, I am a swimmer and was All State in high school - I am a little strange), I figure we will be taking showers after lessons and want to have dry towels so she doesn't get cold afterward.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Mother's Day is coming! Here is the perfect gift for all the mothers you know. Wonderful pampering products for much needed "mommy" time, and they are good for you.
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Nursing cover - updated

Okay, I have wanted a nursing cover that goes all the way around to cover my back as well since I am wearing regular shirts rather than nursing shirts. This means my back is exposed while I nurse. My daughter has also decided it is fun to try pulling the edge of my cover to the point where it uncovers my side and sometimes flashes people if I am not quick enough to stop her. I found this cover and made it with a slight modification to put the neck in the center rather than on the side.
Then I tried using it while eating out and this did not go well for me. I decided to try again but add arm holes so I can use my arms if needed. So this is what I came up with:

1 yard Jersey knit fabric
straight pins

 Lay material out flat (no folds). on the longer sides, mark the center on each end. I measured the arm holes to be 16 inches (8 inches out on each side from the center mark). Roll the edge over and  pin to create a seam.  Sew these sections.

 Once those are sewn, fold material in half. Pin the sides together starting from the bottom of the arm wholes to the end.
Also mark the neck hole in the middle of the fold. I made it 14 inches long, making sure it was equal distance from each end.
Sew the sides together up to the bottom of the arm hole.

Cut an opening in the fold between the pins marking the neck hole.

Pin over both sides of the neck hole and pin.
Sew one side at a time.  I also sewed the ends so there would be no unraveling at the neck area.

I am hoping this will work out much better than the last one. I just need to have my free arm able to come out from under the cover when I am out so it does not pull the cover up when I try to use the free arm.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Posh goodies

Want to see some of the new Posh goodies?

The March deal-of-the-month is the skin sticks.
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Nursing cover project

I am working on a nursing cover that will go around my back side as well. I have a cover that goes over the front but leaves my back exposed and I don't like that. I found one version here and modified it slightly. I placed the neck hole in the center of the cover rather than at one end. I will use this until I figure out a pattern to try that works a little more like this shawl here where I can have one hand out (if I am eating at the same time or need a free hand for something while nursing). Maybe I will just modify the one I already made and add holes for the arms when I make the next one. I loved making this one as it was very simple and the material only cost me $4.40 rather than the cover I purchased (that does not cover my back) that cost around $20. Perfect!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Making baby food is easy

Last night was my first attempt at making baby food. It went really well and was super easy The baby brezza is very simple to use and works wonders. I wanted to make the food all along but my husband was nervous about how much work it would be. Now that we have to make it due to rice issues he sees how easy it really is and is no longer worried about it. The only problem with my first batch of food was I made turkey carrots and peas. From previous experience, our daughter does NOT like peas. I knew it may not go over well and I was right. Maybe one of the other two batches I made yesterday will work out better. I just haven't decided which to try next. Turkey and corn or chicken and potato. I can't wait to make more food! I feel so much better making my own food because I know what goes into it and it is better for her.