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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

End January by pampering yourself!

Has January been somewhat gloomy and dreary for the start to your new year?

Here is a deal for you:
Get all 6 for just $59, an $80 value.
Healer stick: great for dry, chapped lips, dry spots on your skin, eczema, on minor cuts and burns, and much more
Gender Bender Chunk: detoxing bath bar - great for washing your face or a deep clean of your entire body
Sugar Fix: sugar body scrub - great for after washing your face, exfoliating your body, or use it to shave with

Make-Out-Magic: great lip scrub to help with dry lips from winter - scrubs and moisturizes all in one
Lei Away Handle: solid lotion bar - deep moisture. Great on the go as it won't leak into your bag. Use before bed to wake with nicely moisturized hands.
Hot Jotter: fun pick-me-up scented roll-on perfume.

This price ends tomorrow at midnight (10 pm MST).  Get it while you can!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Crown cake

This is the cake I made for my niece's 3rd birthday yesterday. I was told it was to be "blue, a crown, and Cinderella", so this is what I came up with. It was fun to hear the excitement and the squeal from my niece when she saw it.

I have a monster truck cake coming up in a couple weeks, then a couple Minecraft cakes and some cake bites (in the shapes of different sports balls) coming up soon as well.  I am excited to see how these turn out.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Getting my living room back to normal

Well, we finally took down the Christmas decorations today.  We are still in the clean up phase, but now the living room has a lot more space.  It will be nice to have it more open so the baby can have more floor space and not run into the tree as much. I will also have more space to do my Zumba. Now hopefully I can get a better workout in (when the baby allows it) and try to tone up my tummy again. I am happy with my weight post baby (as I am only about 1 pound over pre-pregnancy weight and am still nursing), but would like to tone up a little more.
It is amazing how much larger the living room is right now. I don't think the dogs or the baby know what to do with so much room. Now to decide if we want to bring the coffee table back up or leave it downstairs. It would be one less thing for the little one to run into as she starts to move around.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Home renovation frustration

So, we have been working on renovating our garage for 2 years now.  We had to do something about the temperature of the bedrooms above the garage being so much colder because the garage was poorly insulated, so we decided to "fix" it.  This project has been going on for 2 years and is still not complete.  It was slowed down when I became pregnant as I was no longer able to help my husband out. Then it never really picked up speed after that.  My poor husband has had to do the work on his own. I know he is super busy with his day job as he is in a field which keeps him bogged down.  The problem is this means I am not able to park in the garage. All that is left is to finish priming and painting, which should not be difficult, but this has taken FOREVER to get done. It is tough not to park in the garage with Wyoming winter. We have the snow and cold, and on top of that we have horrible wind in the winter and our house gets it worse than many homes because we are closer to the mountain. This is difficult with a baby as I have to get the car warmed up and scraped off, but what do I do with the baby while doing that? And our front door is a PAIN and a killer door which I absolutely can not stand, so I prefer to avoid it whenever possible. This has not been an option while painting, so I have to use the front door where the stairs are always a risk factor because the front stairs were designed very poorly, and the door itself likes to try to take your foot off as you enter or knock you over while exiting the house. The wooden door requires two hands to lock/unlock, which is almost impossible with a baby carrier in hand.
I think I will be telling my husband it will be 15 years or so before I am ready for the next home renovation project because this one has gotten me so frustrated and it only gets worse every time I go through the front door right now. I know it is not really his fault, but this is not something I am ready to do again for a very long time.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentine's Day gifts

Valentine's Day is coming up.  Contact me to order a gift for a friend, or have the men in your lives contact me to get something you can use to pamper yourself.
Men, contact me to get gifts for the women in your lives. Make them feel special.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Trying to be helpful

Today was a holiday, so many offices (including my husband's - for the staff) were closed.  I enjoyed watching quite a bit of the coverage of President Obama's Inauguration as I have never watched one before.  This afternoon I took my husband's car for the maintenance check and then helped him do some organizing of some files for work since he has not gotten the help he requested from his secretary.  I didn't get to help much because I didn't think ahead enough to take the baby's solid food with me and I didn't want to just nurse her, so when food time rolled around we had to leave.  I plan on helping him more over the weekend because I feel bad for him.  His job requires him to have files organized so he knows where things are and it isn't happening.  It is not a difficult task at all, just time consuming.  It is actually something I enjoy doing, so I really don't mind it at all, but I feel bad he isn't getting the help at work like he should be.  Hopefully that gets resolved in the near future so he is less frustrated and stressed.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Posh KNOWS how to treat us consultants!!

I just got this in the mail today.  It is something only sent to consultants and not available for purchase. This is a one time send, but it is to pamper us for all the work we do.  This company is AMAZING!! They really take care of us consultants. There are many contests provided for us to win free products or other items also. They provide specials quite often, and there is so much support for us it is unbelievable.

On top of all this, they keep coming up with new amazing products.  I love all the products I have tried so far.  I signed up with the company before ever having tried any of the products, but with every product I try, I am even more drawn to them.  Every day I find a new reason I am so glad I signed up with this company.  I have worked for other ds (direct sales) companies before but Posh is by far the best one I have encountered.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Need cupcakes, cake bites or a cake?  Visit my facebook page to see some of my past creations, view my flavors list (though we can talk about other options) and see my pricing page.


I will work with people in Wyoming and can possibly ship cake bites outside of Wyoming.

I will be adding new photos to my page shortly as I have a couple cakes due in the next couple weeks.  These will be added after they are finished.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Want some Posh?

Want a sample of Posh? Let me know and I can mail out a sample.  I can also mail out a catalog or even a portable party to those who live outside of my home town.  Just get in touch with me through my website and I would be happy to share Posh with you or your friends/family.  If you are interested in signing up to join the Posh team and working for an amazing company that really takes care of the consultants, you can do so through my website or contact me for more information.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Working at home

Working from home is wonderful.  The only thing that would make things easier on me right now is having a computer that works.  My current computer is 6 years old and takes at least 20 minutes to start up, and takes about as long to actually do anything on it after that.  Right now I have to wait till my husband comes home in the evening and borrow his work laptop to do any of my work.  That leads to late nights after getting the baby fed and down (which usually takes two times as the first time she goes down lasts about 20 minutes and she is up for more cuddles before she is actually down for the night).  I am hoping to be able to get my computer fixed this weekend, or maybe just to buy a new one so I can get some work done during the day and be able to spend time with my husband when he gets home rather than having to work on his computer at that time.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Join Posh

I am excited to grow my team and share this amazing opportunity to work for such a wonderful company.  Posh really gives you the opportunity to make it "your" business.  You have so much freedom and so many options with this business.  The staff are amazing and treat us so well.  I love all the contests we get to do to try for free products and get ideas from one another.  There is so much support available to us!!  I have done another DS (direct sales) company before and the experience was nothing like this.  I am so glad I gave this a try and really want to grow my business because I love the products and love what Posh provides for me and my family.

Visit my Posh web site for more information, to go shopping, to contact me, or to join my team.