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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Travel foods

In preparation for our trip, coming up this weekend (yay!), I have been frantically trying to figure out what I will do for food for Little Miss. I make my own food for her, but am not sure how to travel safely with her homemade food. I freeze it, but I know it won't stay frozen the whole trip, even if I use ice. We have to drive about 4 hours to the airport, and since our flight is around 9:30 in the morning, we will go down the night before. So, I started searching how to travel with my food.

I found organic food made by Nurturme, which is dehydrated. It does not have the added preservatives, fillers, or anything else I don't want my little one eating. It is lighter and easier to travel with than store bought foods. It is closer to the homemade food than the store bought foods, and it is reasonably priced. I am so happy to have found this option. While I would still prefer to take my own homemade food, this is the second best thing and I will not worry about what my little girl is taking in.