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Friday, January 25, 2013

Home renovation frustration

So, we have been working on renovating our garage for 2 years now.  We had to do something about the temperature of the bedrooms above the garage being so much colder because the garage was poorly insulated, so we decided to "fix" it.  This project has been going on for 2 years and is still not complete.  It was slowed down when I became pregnant as I was no longer able to help my husband out. Then it never really picked up speed after that.  My poor husband has had to do the work on his own. I know he is super busy with his day job as he is in a field which keeps him bogged down.  The problem is this means I am not able to park in the garage. All that is left is to finish priming and painting, which should not be difficult, but this has taken FOREVER to get done. It is tough not to park in the garage with Wyoming winter. We have the snow and cold, and on top of that we have horrible wind in the winter and our house gets it worse than many homes because we are closer to the mountain. This is difficult with a baby as I have to get the car warmed up and scraped off, but what do I do with the baby while doing that? And our front door is a PAIN and a killer door which I absolutely can not stand, so I prefer to avoid it whenever possible. This has not been an option while painting, so I have to use the front door where the stairs are always a risk factor because the front stairs were designed very poorly, and the door itself likes to try to take your foot off as you enter or knock you over while exiting the house. The wooden door requires two hands to lock/unlock, which is almost impossible with a baby carrier in hand.
I think I will be telling my husband it will be 15 years or so before I am ready for the next home renovation project because this one has gotten me so frustrated and it only gets worse every time I go through the front door right now. I know it is not really his fault, but this is not something I am ready to do again for a very long time.

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