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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Making baby food is easy

Last night was my first attempt at making baby food. It went really well and was super easy The baby brezza is very simple to use and works wonders. I wanted to make the food all along but my husband was nervous about how much work it would be. Now that we have to make it due to rice issues he sees how easy it really is and is no longer worried about it. The only problem with my first batch of food was I made turkey carrots and peas. From previous experience, our daughter does NOT like peas. I knew it may not go over well and I was right. Maybe one of the other two batches I made yesterday will work out better. I just haven't decided which to try next. Turkey and corn or chicken and potato. I can't wait to make more food! I feel so much better making my own food because I know what goes into it and it is better for her.

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