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Monday, March 25, 2013

Crazy busy month ahead

Unfortunately, my husband has a busy month (or two) with work and will be traveling a lot. That means I will be home alone with three dogs (one of which is having trouble with a really bad yeast infection in her ear due to allergies) and a teething baby (10 1/2 months old and getting her first two teeth). Add to this a vendor event on April 6th for Posh in another town, a home party for Posh on April 20th in yet another town, starting swimming lessons on April 13th with little miss every Saturday for 5 weeks, and preparing for her first birthday. I am also still working on a few other projects for a couple of my other small jobs I have. I think I am going to have a few craft projects coming along to keep my sanity and keep me occupied while I am missing my husband. Stay tuned for pictures of projects I find to try and keep myself occupied. (My poor husband comes home in the evening and probably wonders 'What did she make today' because I have far too many hobbies and keep finding more or find new projects to try.)
I am very excited for swim lessons with little miss, so the next project I have in mind is yet again something to prepare for that. I have already made a wet bag for our bathing suits, but I will be making a second one (that is water resistant inside as well as outside) to put her towel and robe in and have it with us to shower after swimming so they don't get wet before time to dry off. Since I am allergic to chlorine (and yes, I am a swimmer and was All State in high school - I am a little strange), I figure we will be taking showers after lessons and want to have dry towels so she doesn't get cold afterward.

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