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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wet bags and spray hair conditioner/detangler

So we started swim lessons for our daughter (almost 1 year old). I personally have dry hair and love to spray in leave-in conditioner before going swimming (especially since I am allergic to chlorine), and wanted to have something to use for both myself and baby girl. I also wanted a wet bag to keep our towels dry when rinsing off afterward, and a second one to put our wet suits and towels in after swimming. We have now had 2 sessions and these have worked perfect!

I went searching on pinterest - I love all the great ideas I can find here - and found what I needed.
I found a wet bag tutorial here and made a large bag for wet towels as well as a smaller one with the wet material on inside and out to keep towels dry while in the shower rinsing off.

I also found a way to make my own leave-in conditioner which also detangles. This is super easy to make and I made a couple different kinds. The one on the left is using the ingredients from the tutorial I found. I also made the one on the right because my hair gets extremely dry in the winter and this is what I use to help with the moisture.

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