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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weekly Menu Board

I love having my week's menu posted so I remember what I planned, and my husband doesn't feel like he always has to ask me what we are having for dinner. He knows he can just look at the board and see what the week holds.

I made this board (though my husband just thinks I am "too organized" and this just proves it. For the board I found the magnetic "white" board at Walmart, bought some magnets and magnetic pencil holders, and then made the little cards to go with it.

I printed the meals on card stock, then covered them front and back with contact paper to protect them and prevent them from getting wet. I made the cards on an excel spreadsheet so I have them in nice rectangles to make them all the same size and so I can re-print them if I ever need to. As we try new meals and like them, I just add them to the spreadsheet and when I have a full sheet, print it off and add the new meals to the rotation.

This has helped me when it comes to planning as I can simply pull out seven cards and place them on the board if I am having a tough time thinking of what to make. (I tend to even start planning for the following week on the right side of the board because I pick too many meals I want.) At the end of the week, the meals are placed in the other bin so we are not having the same meal every week. Thanks to Pintrest, I have been adding meals like crazy as I find something new I want to try.

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